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welcome to our bakery

Hello and welcome to Sweet Savannah Cupcakes!


My name is Jessica and I began selling cupcakes by…... well, by forcing my poor husband to bring treats on his birthday. Let me rephrase. By forcing my poor husband, who happens to not care much about birthdays at all and who also hates drawing unnecessary attention to himself, to bring treats on his birthday on the third day of his new job. What a good sport. I told him that morning, “I know this might not happen, and if it doesn’t I completely understand, but if someone happens to ask if I sell cupcakes, tell them YES!” He laughed and appeased me by telling me that he would. And lo and behold! Just that day I got my very first cupcake order. What a wonderful moment that was!


See, my love for baking began in my high school years and carried me into college, where I spent many hours in the tiny dorm kitchen making treats for my Bible study group and for my wing-mates. Because I pursued a career in education (math education, to be exact), I never really imagined that I would ever make money doing the very thing I absolutely loved. However, after having my first daughter (and yes, her name is Savannah) my husband and I decided that I would get to be a stay-at-home mom, something I always dreamed of becoming.


But… as all of you stay-at-home moms who have a husband who teaches can understand, you quickly find out that the tight budget becomes a bit of a tense subject, so I began to brainstorm ideas on how I could make money while staying home, and voila! Sweet Savannah Cupcakes was born. Thanks to my wonderful, yet hesitant husband, who brought cupcakes to school on his birthday. How thankful I am!


Please browse through our menu and photos of a few of the delicious flavors we offer.  We are always open to developing a new flavor for your special event!